Rustin Low

6 Steps for a Stronger Morning

Rustin Low
6 Steps for a Stronger Morning

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re self employed in the most competitive city in the world. The lack of stability can be daunting, and as much as I would like to say I never get depressed or worried or sad, I can’t. I’m human, and that means I have human reactions - even the shitty ones. I get a lot of online hate, I deal with work drama, I have body and boy and bank issues just like everyone around me - but that doesn’t mean I have to let it control me. 

I get asked how I always stay positive and motivated when I’m feeling blue, and truth be told - I don’t. I try my very best, but sometimes I get overwhelmed and need a little break or a minute to recollect my thoughts. That’s okay. 

I do however have some tips for how to start every single day, so that when life’s challenges come my way, I can be more prepared, confident, and ready to kick their ass. It’s often said that those who win the morning, win the day, and I’m a believer in that statement. 

I’m a textbook example of a Type A personality, and when I don’t have control on things, I get stressed out. These are 6 things I have control on every single morning that I can do no matter what happens. It allows me to be the boss of my day.

  1. I make my bed.
    • The first thing I do is make my damn bed. The act of completing that small task puts my mind in a “hell yeah, you crossed something off of your list” mode. It prepares me to knock out the rest of the tasks for the day - and it looks nice. Simple start.
  2. I eat breakfast.
    • Every day we make choices. Little bitty choices that add up throughout the day. One of the first is what we are going to have for breakfast. Do you want that disgusting donut or do you want healthy fuel that’s going to help your body accomplish it’s goals? And if you’re one of those “I don’t like breakfast” people, Science says you’re wrong. Have a shake or something.
  3. I go to the gym.
    • I have a little mantra I say on my way to the gym. “Better today than yesterday.” I do not love the gym. I do not eagerly look forward to it every day. I push myself and it sucks - but the results don’t suck. I feel better and healthier, I look sexier, and I focus, work, and sleep better. 
  4. I get dressed.
    • I work for myself. I can go to my office in sweat pants if I want - but I dress with the respect my clients and properties deserve. There’s that old saying, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Well, I want to be doing 10M+ in deals this year. I’m always ready to go to an event or a preview or a showing on the spot because I prepare myself to look the part I want to play every morning. 
  5. I journal.
    • If I find my mind racing before I walk out the door, I sit down with a journal and I just start writing. I don’t stop until the page is full. It doesn’t matter what I write or why I write it. I like to think of it as a pensive from Harry Potter. I just take the thoughts cluttering my mind and I give them their own place to live. It sounds crazy, but it works. Putting things on paper makes them real, and making things real helps you process them and deal with them in logical ways.
  6. I say 7 maxims. 
    • This one is a bit extra. I listen to Tim Ferriss' podcast and there was an episode with a young entrepreneur who talked about how he has 7 Maxims he reads daily and it really stuck with me. Every day before I walk out the door I read it aloud and think about what I'm saying.
      1. I can always improve.
      2. I persevere, even when I am frustrated.
      3. I do not run from my mistakes, I learn from them.
      4. I am inspired by those who succeed.
      5. I can learn anything I want.
      6. I can make a difference with my effort and my attitude.
      7. I love to challenge myself.